Student Life

End Of MP Freakout

When the teachers start saying the end of the marking period is coming, the freak out is real. You go to look at your grade and if it’s bad, you all of sudden become the hidden nerd in you. If it’s good you also become scared for your life because the last test can either make or break you. 

Aidan George, a sophomore at Leonia High School, said, “I know my grades were good already so I wasn’t really concerned about it until I heard that I had a chemistry test before the marking period ended. That’s when I had a real freak out because if I failed there was no fixing it. I really had to study all night to make sure i got that perfect score. This was also to make up for the tests I did mediocre in.This was seriously so scary because chemistry is one of those classes you do bad on one test and your grade goes down a million points ”

According to Jack Armstrong, another sophomore, “I was scared when I was in financial literacy and the teacher said that marking period was almost over. I immediately thought of the test I had the next day that I didn’t study one bit for. The way I went home and started studying like I never have before is crazy. I don’t think I have ever “try-hard-ed” like that before. It’s safe to say though that i did in fact get 100 on the test which has never happened before in that class, but proud moment.”

The end of the marking period this is a very stressful time for any student. I can’t imagine the people that have perfect good grades just chilling with a smile on their face when the other students freak out. When this happens students often promise themselves “this will never happen again – I will do good the whole marking period so I don’t have to stress out at the last minute.” But we all know once that new marking period comes around, the same routine will continue.