Student Life

Tips and Tricks to Survive Senior Year

Listening to senior students’ advice in high school is valuable because they have firsthand experience navigating the academic, social, and extracurricular aspects of the school environment. Having already faced the challenges of exams, college applications, and balancing various commitments, seniors can offer practical tips and strategies that can help underclassmen avoid common mistakes and make informed decisions. By going around Leonia High School, I was able to find seniors who were willing to share the knowledge that they gained through this experience that they had not previously possessed. 

Building a strong relationship with your teachers is crucial because it fosters a supportive learning environment, enhances academic success, and provides valuable mentorship and guidance. When speaking to senior Regan Lynch regarding advice she would give to underclassmen on this matter, she had a lot of meaningful input to share. In response to the question of whether it is important to form this relationship she responded, “So important because later on down the road you are going to need them and their help, and you never know who knows who. I created strong relationships with many teachers and I have gotten great letters of recommendation for colleges, work, and scholarships. As soon as I knew where I’d be attending college, I spoke to a teacher who also had gone there and he was able to get me a job on campus.”

After a year of difficult processes and challenges, one may learn different ways to deal with such obstacles. Regan, like many other seniors, had faced numerous difficulties and still managed to succeed and thrive. When asked what she wished she knew about the college process in the beginning of the year that she knows now, she said, “It is a very long and tedious process. There is a lot of waiting involved. You really need to take your time and do everything correctly, and stay organized because there are very hard deadlines.” It is very easy to be stressed during this time as there are several deadlines, exams, and expectations, however, as Regan expressed, it is imperative that one remains patient and strategic in their process. 

Melakai Aligo, another senior at Leonia High School, also had to deal with the tension and stresses of senior year. With having a job and going to school, she had to become proficient in balancing her work and academic life. When asked about her experience, she stated,  “For me, I always tried to get my assignments in early as soon as they are assigned, which really helped me balance work and school life. So that way I had time to go home and go through my routine without being stressed.” As Melakai said, not procrastinating can help students avoid stressful situations. She then urged, “Make sure you save time for yourself.” Making time for yourself is important as it helps maintain a healthy balance between academic responsibilities and personal well-being, reducing stress and improving overall mental health.

The insights shared by seniors like Regan Lynch and Melakai Aligo underscore the importance of building strong relationships with teachers, effectively managing time, and listening to the advice of those who have already navigated the complexities of high school. By fostering supportive connections with educators, staying organized, and prioritizing personal well-being, underclassmen can better prepare themselves for the challenges ahead and achieve a balanced, successful high school experience.