Student Life

Snow Day Activities

Although there haven’t been any snow days yet in the 2019-2020 school year, students of Leonia High School remain hopeful. Students around the school were interviewed and asked what their favorite snow day activities are. Most of the responses were along the lines of sleeping, or staying in and watching movies, only a handful of people said that they liked to go out and play in the snow. When asked what she likes to do on snow days, student Karla Alcequiez responded with “Curl up with a good book, and drink hot chocolate”, and like most of the students, when asked, Ms. Thorpe said she likes to sleep on snow days. 

The results of the poll-like interviews were conclusive. The student body as a whole would rather sleep, or stay inside on snow days. But why is that? Why has the magic of a snow day gotten lost over the years? As kids, snow days were a blessing. Children everywhere had their own ritualistic routines that they would perform the night before a supposed heavy snow. Nathasha Leyva “used to wear [her] pajamas backwards, and put a spoon under [her] pillow”. But as kids grow older, they seem to have lost that same euphoria. It’s a sad thing, really, that adults and teens seem to want to go outside and play in the snow less and less. 

Though you may be tempted to stay inside, sleep, or watch TV, the next time that there is a snow day, try to spark that same magic feeling you had from when you were a kid by playing outside in the snow.