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Wake Me Up When September Ends


Seniors are taking last minute SAT to hand in for college application in September. Also, students have to adjust their schedule by the end of the month and dropping classes so they can change into a free. Seniors have the privilege to get as many frees you want. Most students usually equal out the numbers of trees with the numbers of AP classes they took.  Other than that, seniors go to their teachers or email them to remind them to write a teachers recommendation for a part of their college applications. If they get rejected, students immediately have to go ask a different teacher for the teacher’s application. The stress for seniors had begun.


In this month, students are asking their English teachers to edit their college essay, or they start writing their college essay during class.  Many students will have several topics in mind, but some do not. Students usually take approximately 2-3 weeks to finish their college essay, and many of them use the same essay they wrote for their real college application.  This is a great chance to ask your English teacher to revise your college essays. Other than these college essays, some students are required to write supplement essays. It is STRESS time for seniors. One more month of pain and seniors will be free.


November is the busiest month for high school seniors.  Most Early Decision and Early Action applications are due now. If students are going to apply for Regular decision, students still have a little more time.  Common App and Naviance are your best friends for the first few months of senior year. There are some seniors who will be absent for school to submit their applications.  Almost all applications are due at 12:00 AM, so students usually edit their essay, revise their essays until the last minute and hand in their application a few minutes before, or maybe even at 11:59.  As a tip, you should have at least 10 minutes before you submit the application because you will have to sign it and pay the application fee at that time. Or if you can submit a few days before the application deadline because in case there is a problem, you will be able to go to guidance or contact the admission office.  After you submitted your application, DO NOT check back on your application because if you do, and find any mistakes, you will dwell on your mistakes. So just don’t check back on your application.

Winter is Coming


In this month, there are many lows and many highs. You are finishing up your college applications. The stress is unreal, but you got to get it done. You are so close to holiday break! Once that comes, life is good. You forget about that heinous, traumatic beginning of the school year for a little bit. BUT then early action decisions make their way to you. You either are accepted and thrilled, or rejected and depressed. It seems as if you have no control over your future, but then you get through it. Once you make it to holiday break somewhat stable, there is hope for you after all.


This is when a small wave of relief hits you. All your college applications are in, now it’s just waiting. That good feeling does not last long, so don’t take it for granted. Once the college apps are in, you realize that now you have to sit and wait. But it is not all relaxation. Sleeping becomes difficult, don’t be shy to take some Melatonin. Waking up may seem impossible, don’t be shy to drink some coffee. Doing your school work seems like climbing Mount Everest. What’s the point? You may ask yourself. As the first semester is coming to a close, the motivation is starting to dwindle.


February is like the part in the horror movie when you know something bad is about to happen but you stay hopeful. This is the month where some more college decisions come out. It is only some, so you aren’t painicing yet, but you know it is coming. As the feeling of a second semester senior is approaching, the inner struggle between caring about grades and not is stressing you out. Senioritis has hit some people for sure. Some others are still going strong, strong being a very subjective word. It really depends on the person. No matter if you have senioritis or not, this is when you should start to focus on family and friends. Distract yourself from the painful waiting with fun times. Soon enough you’ll be out of little Leonia, facing the real world, so start to appreciate the people and the experiences. Stay positive. Take care of yourself. Cut out the bad vibes and only do what feels good. If you are exhausted and need to take a mental health day, just do it. If you need to go on a late night ice cream run with friends, just do it. February is cold and difficult, but focusing on yourself and friends will get you through it.


March is hard. March is long. You have your research paper to work on, college acceptances (or rejections) coming out left and right, and it’s still pretty cold out. Daylight savings makes you more tired than you already are. You’ve still got to slug yourself to work or tutoring or babysitting everyday, but they fund your prom shoes and chipotle and gas money so you deal. You have  coffee coursing through your veins virtually all the time. Coffee stained teeth and a twitch in your eye are a small price to pay for the little respite a caffeine rush gives you, but it’s the only thing making you feel alive at this point. As arduous as March can be, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: April! Spring Break! Senior Week! Prom! The end is finally in sight.

The Final Countdown


Senioritis is like a cold: it spreads quickly and makes you want to stay in bed. In April, you’re going to want to get your nyquil and lozenges out, because Senioritis kicks in full throttle. The sunshine and cool breeze begin to defrost your frozen, angst-filled heart, and you relish in your daily after school naps and Netflix binges. If you’re one of the poor souls who hasn’t committed to college yet, you use the two brain cells that you have left to choose where you’re going to college. Your weekends are spent making venn diagrams and pro and con charts, going to accepted students days and tours, and trying to *imagine yourself* at a school, and hopefully you are content with your decision. But no matter if you’re going to the Bahamas or staying home, spring break is a well-deserved week of R&R for all. From here on out, it’s smooth sailin’– sort of.


In May, you’ll cram for your AP tests the night before and somehow manage to get a 3 or 4. You really don’t know how you pulled that off. Once AP tests are over, it’s time to prepare for prom, which is May 31st this year. Girls spend hundreds of dollars on a gown, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup, while guys just get a tux if they even bother showing up. If your special someone hasn’t “promposed” to you yet, then, on May 27th, they’ll buy you a latte and have the barista write “Prom?” on the side. Chivalry isn’t dead. And if you don’t have a prom date, well, just go with your friends. Who cares! As long as you have a good time. Make sure to smoke a cigar.


Here come the waterworks. It is your last month in Leonia, last month with your friends, last month living with your family. It seems as if everything you do will be your last. You may start to get emotional– either ecstatic to be graduating and getting out of this godforsaken place or sad to be leaving your friends. The sadness, however can not match the fun that you will have. You just had Prom, so you are already in a good mood. After-prom was a blast. You are finishing up senior week, having a great time with your friends. The weather is lovely. Warm and sunny, you are enjoying your tan. Senior skip day is being planned. The beach is calling our names! School is practically over. No more work. Many seniors will still have to take finals, because let’s face it, getting an A- with Senioritis is like walking on water. Finally, coming to school doesn’t seem too hard because you want to see your friends as much as possible. Graduation quickly approaches and suddenly your high school career is over. You start to miss LHS, irony is a funny thing. All the bad times are forgotten and all the good times are remembered. You may be leaving LHS, but high school is forever!