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How LHS Students are Coping with Spring Sports Being Cancelled

   When the CoronaVirus first surfaced, many in America, including a little town in Jersey called Leonia, believed it would never reach the U.S. Students were now afraid of school prolonging. The idea of quarantine did not sound so bad after all. However, the time span was undecided, students didn’t realize it was going to be more than a one week break. This happened at the time when spring sports were supposed to go into full effect, including sports like Baseball, Track, Golf, Softball, etc. Little did students know their season was over before it even began. 

     Over this time of quarantine, students have been making an effort of staying healthy and playing their sports privately. Many seniors feel disappointed that they couldn’t make their last appearance on the fields. One senior, Dennis Bajanov, who runs track states, “I had knee surgery two weeks ago, so I haven’t been running a lot, but I’ve been working out still.” He is one of many that are doing at-home workouts and challenges to keep in shape and stay active. Another senior, Mia Nocero, who plays golf states, “It’s extremely unfortunate that spring sports are canceled. I’m disappointed that my last year as captain, I won’t even be able to play.” Unfortunately, this senior, Mia Nocero, won’t be on a golf course anytime soon but has been making an effort of staying busy and healthy during the quarantine. A way you can stay healthy and busy could be taking up a new hobby like art, or trying out yoga, etc. 

      Overall, the cancellation of spring sports has caused many students to independently stay active and fit. Although this is no preferred situation for any spring athletes, it has only caused them to be all that more motivated for next season. The only unfortunate situation for the spring athletes would be the seniors, meaning this would be their last spring season at LHS. However, the most important factor in the cancellation of school and sports is the faculty and students’ health, so they can have many more seasons to come!