Big Bucks Being Spent On Instagram

In today’s society, almost every teenager has some sort of social media app, most commonly Instagram. Similar to reality, every kid wants to be popular and known, and social media has become a big source of showing that. Depending on how many followers you have or if your account is verified, the more “popular” you are. Recent reports have shown numerous people paying up to $15,000 for their Instagram account to be verified. These transactions are done through the black market, selling verification to anyone with an account. The people who have the ability to sell verification vary from everyday hackers to employees working for Instagram. Many have already been fired from their companies or even arrested, yet the illegal activity is still occurring. For companies trying to get their product out there and shared with the world , having a verified Instagram can be very beneficial for business. Although I do not condone the illegal activity of verifying Instagram, I understand their motive for doing so. Social media is a great source for spreading the word about something, especially a product, but when it comes to teenagers spending thousands of dollars simply for a blue check of approval on their account, I begin to shake my head.

The idea that being verified on Instagram will enhance your social life or make you popular is a preposterous idea. People need to understand that their lives shouldn’t be so wrapped around social media, and wanting to be “known” on the web.