Top 5 Worst Beauty Trends of 2017

2017 has been confusing in the makeup world consisted of dozens of trends, fads and new styles that will be remembered forever. From loving a bronzy look to more natural finishes, the makeup world has changed the way we do makeup. Ranging from 100 layers of makeup to faux freckles: here are the top 10 worst trends of 2017.

Ranked number 5, faux freckles stands strong. Although some find it cute to add freckles to their face, many go a little overboard, turning supposedly subtle birthmarks to large moles all over their cheeks. Many struggle to make these freckles appear natural, Chantel Jeffries stating, “The trick to faux freckles is making your spots look as natural as possible. “I see a lot of people doing it with eyebrow pencils or eyeliner, and you can tell that it doesn’t look real.” Because of not knowing the correct way to flummox someone with makeup but is not the worst of the worst, faux freckles holds the title of #5.


Following close behind, the holographic looks, ranked #4. With dozens of glittery shadows, purple toned themes have people glowing with unnecessary unicorn vibes. In some cases, it can be cute but people have overdone the holographic look, ranging from highlighters to lipsticks to eyeshadows of pure duochrome chaos.


Ranked #3, stands Pop Art Eye Makeup. Although the title seems self explanatory, many use this trend to show off their artistic abilities on their entire face. Outlining lips, brows and the eye gives a comic book effect, as well as using bright colors makes the artwork, POP, literally. While this is not an everyday look but some make it that way, spending hours and hours, just on one eye before leaving the house.



At #2, Lollipop Lips adds to the list of the worst, showing off the lips in not the best way. Almost like a reversed ombre look, the Lollipop Lip adds color to the perimeter of the lips while some of the color lingers around their mouth. This makes it look as if the person had eaten impolitely, resulting in the transferring of lipstick around their face.


Finally, the worst trend of 2017 is 100 layers of make up. Whether it is layers upon layers of foundation, mascara or lipstick, this trend has everyone cringing. Viralling across the internet, many youtubers have challenged this to see how much they can truly get out of each product they have purchased. After the 10th layer of makeup, things start looking very crazy, greasy and uncomfortably awkward. The strangeness continues as people have tried layers of mascara, foundation, lipstick, hair extension, face masks, nail polish, clothes fake tanner, and plenty more.