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Puppies: Basic Unit of Life

Puppies are the best friends a person can have. They are cute and sweet and as long as they’re trained, we should integrate them into our school.

 There are many uses for having dogs in school, for example,  to calm down students with anxiety.


 Puppies are very supportive and you can build a very strong relationship with the class dog or go to your counselor’s office and play with their dog to ease your anxiety. 

As a dog owner, I know the benefits of having a support animal around. They can bring up your mood at a fast rate and will keep you happy after you leave them.


 The same way seeing your best friend makes you happy, puppies have the potential to make you much happier.


According to Puppies increase your physical and psychological well-being. Studies show that puppies can lower your blood pressure, which is helpful for the students and teachers in the school with high blood pressure.

There are many dogs in shelters that are being sent to die, but there are many benefits to having dogs. 

Why aren’t puppies in schools instead of shelters? Leonia high school should adopt them and incorporate them in our school.