Worst Flooding in Years Hits France

 After weeks of heavy rains in most of France, the streets are flooded with water and debris brought up from the rivers. In some places the water has risen 17.4 feet higher than normal. This has led to major infrastructure and transportation problems. Some of the Subway and Train tunnels have been completely filled with water. Most of the busing and cab service shave been shut down as well. The only real way to get around now is take a raft or a canoe.

Towns along rivers like the river Seine are completely devastated. Over 240 towns along the Seine were affected. The water has risen to higher than the ground floors of some buildings. The French Government was forced to close and evacuate Hospitals and Apartment buildings in an effort to lower the potential death toll. The Electric and Gas companies have shut off their services for safety reasons. This forces people to evacuate their homes apartments instead of staying to protect their homes from looters and squatters.

The squatters and looters have become a major problem because not enough people had adequate protection or the food and heating to stay in their homes. The water level is still rising and the water has been known to freeze especially during the colder days. The waster level is still rising and most of France is expecting a snowfall and blistering cold temperatures in the coming days. Hopefully the French people can overcome these hardships.