ICE flavored waterIn order to raise awareness and money for the NJ DECA Community Service project, “Packages for Patriots”, the school store announced on December 7th that all proceeds from their ICE beverages will be contributed to the Operation Shoe-box.  Operation Shoe-box is a charity dedicated to care packages to troops stationed around the world. Founded in 2005, Operation Shoe-box has donated nearly 88,000 boxes with $25 worth of items in each. This promotion was a beneficial and exciting way to kick the club’s DECA Week off.

As ICE flavored water products became some of the best-selling drinks in the school store, the school store managers realized it would be an incredible opportunity to raise funds for such a well deserving operation. To better enhance sales and the overall donation, the school store’s ICE suppliers offered a larger variety of flavors to meet everyone’s wants, encouraging more students to purchase ICE products.

To further promote ICE products, thus generating more sales, the Supplyin’ Lion advertised the drinks throughout the store with posters and a festive window display. While the display focused on a holiday season theme, ICE drinks were the predominant focus. These promotional advertisements allowed sales to rise exponentially.  Leonia DECA hopes the sales generated from the ICE drinks help Operation Shoe-box complete their mission of aiding our troops across seas!