UBER – Switching to a New Drive

Every business industry evolves over time, even those taken for granted such as the much-maligned taxi business. With the introduction of new, “green” taxis, and a much wider variety of companies, the taxi industry appears more open than ever. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a new company, Uber, seems to have developed a new way to taxi people across large, urban cities more efficientuber-cably.

Through the use of everyone’s new favorite tools, smartphones, Uber has been able to successfully create an interactive and friendly environment very different from the hostile, dangerous, and disliked taxi market. The way they have been able to accomplish this is by implementing and creating an app that allows users to search for taxis near them. Once these taxi drivers, who are often regular people with vehicles for hire, are notified of the fact that someone needs a ride, the customer can track their reserved vehicles location. The fact that you can also pay the driver from your phone creates an incredible app with a very user-friendly interface. Of course, increased simplicity and user-friendliness is a concept that is often being sought by regular, or “traditional” taxi companies.

With any great or revolutionary idea, however, comes opposition. Along with the user-friendly interface of Uber and its cheap prices, regular taxi companies are wary of being left in the dust. Thus, many verbal and legal attacks have come against Uber for its unorthodox methods, and safety concerns. These safety concerns have been the greatest obstacle for Uber to overcome, as protests have been held in Germany, France and England. Passengers wariness over a change in the regular taxi business has been highlighted by these protests, but despite the slight speedbump, Uber is continuing to drive on with this revolutionary concept that is certainly beginning to pick up speed.


* edited by Karis Cha