The French Club with Madame King

           Mrs. King, or as her French students call her, Madame King, is one of Leonia High School’s two French teachers – along with Madame Ettz – and is fairly new to the school. Madame King teaches all French courses that range from French II to AP French and is also the director of the French Club, which is open to all students learning the French language.
            The French Club, according to Madame King, is an association for students to discover the French language and culture in an environment outside of a classroom and also to unite the French members of the school. The club is made up of several avid and active members, including Zoe Edelman as President, Ema Poni as Vice President, Molly Kennelly as Treasurer, and Martha Sieger as Secretary.
            Madame King first came to the Leonia High School in September of 2011 and since then, she has been devoting much of her time as a teacher towards the French Club in order to create and sustain strong activity from the members. When asked how she would define the club’s main purpose, she responded stating that the club’s organization allows students to spend some time with other students who have an interest in the French language and culture.
            Learning the culture of France is a major goal for the French Club, according to Madame King. The native-French educator remarked, “I would like to organize field trips to New York related to French culture such as celebrating Bastille Day, go see a French play/singer, or go watch a movie at the French Alliance in New York City.” Although the club has not attended any trips yet, members learn about the French language and culture through many school activities such as school cooking, picnics, and movie nights that had results showing progression of and productivity within the group. In fact, Madame King claimed that her favorite memory was of a movie night, where students watched the French-themed film, Midnight in Paris describing the experience as “interesting” and “fun.” Zoe Edelman, the president of the French club shared that her favorite memory was when the members gathered to cook the famous French dessert, crème brulée.
            The French club is optimistic for potential events and trips. However for now, they meet twice a month, every other Wednesday in the French class, or room 226 and welcome any new members.