The iPhone Microwave “Disaster”

iphone-explosion Every few years, Apple announces its latest iPhone model, and  people spend hundreds of dollars just to be in time for its release. The masses who rush to buy these new gadgets are also notified of the new iOS software every couple of years. The newest iOS so far is iOS 8, which is stated to be “the biggest iOS release ever” according to the Apple company website. One supposed new feature in iOS 8 is called the “Wave”, which claims that people are now able to microwave their iPhone to charge it. With a little research, it is pretty obvious that this is a hoax. However, the world is filled with many kinds of people, including those who actually decide to microwave their shiny, new, and expensive iPhone 6. The result? Disaster.

Ever since the advertisement about the Wave was released, many people have tweeted pictures of their burnt iPhones. The result was not a freshly charged iPhone, ready for use, but iPhones on fire, sparking in the microwave, with cracked screens, black spots, and more wonderful features. Perhaps people could have easily prevented this “disaster” if they used their brains and gave the idea some thought in the first place. This event should be seen as a warning to everyone: DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET.