Another Disease, Another Fuss

The outbreak of Ebola has become a nightmare to everyone around the world. Ebola, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe, fatal illness in humans transmitted to people from wild animals. The outbreak first began in Africa affecting many people in its Western countries. As time went by, the cases of Ebola increased in both quantity and severity in ebola-01Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The spread of Ebola has only become worse. Ebola has reached The United states and it is scaring (irrational) people out of their minds. Many question how the government plans to take action against the disease and how people around the world protect themselves from its rapid spread. People need to take action or the Ebola cases around the world will continue.

From what this reporter can see, no one is helping. Ebola has managed to spread beyond Africa, so what’s next? Everyone’s life is in jeopardy at this point. Just a few days ago, no one knew much about the spread of Ebola in Africa, but once it hit America, it’s trending on Twitter and suddenly everyone knows everything about Ebola. The attention that the disease is receiving right now is exactly what we need so that people can take more precautions. I can only hope that it will be all over the media for these next couple of days to gain more knowledge about Ebola and how to protect myself and others from it. This disease has left many people around the world worried about what will happen next, but what’s more scary is that no one has come up with a solution for this. The only thing that we are currently thinking about is the dramatic effect that Ebola will have on us. People need to take action and do it fast because the more quicker we find a solution to Ebola, the less of a problem we will have and make the people around the world feel like they are no longer in danger of Ebola and that it is okay for them to feel safe again.