ABC goes to the “Dark side”

ABC is known for hilarious comedy sitcoms such as Modern Family and The Middle. However, ABC decided this past year to go in a different direction by debuting shows with a little horror in them, such as 666 Park Avenue. The show premiered on September 30, 2012, and since then, many viewers tune in to its mysterious episodes. The show is based on a book, which is written by Gabrielle Pierce. 666 Park Avenue tells the story of a New York City apartment building, The Drake, focusing on a couple that moves to New York City when they take a managing job at the hotel. Strange things arise in the building, such as apparition sightings, homicidal elevators, and disappearing tenants. 666 Park Avenue comes with well-known actors such as Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn who play the married couple that deliver evil magic being brought into the show. 666 Park Avenue consists of episodes that lead to mysteries that will leave viewers thinking and craving for more clues. The show might leave viewers with confusion of why the hotel is “supposedly haunted, but the confusion can be some what of a good thing because it will catch the viewer’s attention to put all the pieces together. 666 Park Avenue also brings excitement to each upcoming episode to find out what happens in the continuations. Anyone that likes to watch a good mystery, 666 Park Avenue is the show to watch on ABC.