Student Life

LHS Track: A Lifestyle

 Leonia High School’s Spring Sports have kicked off during the month of March, including the  track team. Being on this team can have various benefits for students. Contrary to popular belief, the sport isn’t just about running fast and competing in races. Track helps students develop discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. It teaches them how to set goals, work hard to achieve them, and overcome challenges along the way. Additionally, joining the track team is a great way for students to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  Being a part of the track team requires dedication, hard work, and commitment. The coaches and fellow teammates push each other to strive for their best, which helps them develop a strong work ethic. They also emphasize the importance of teamwork because everyone has to work together to achieve common goals. From training sessions to competitions, the track team constantly creates a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters collaboration and unity. Juliette Mordoh’ 26, a long distance track runner, states, “I always feel so proud of myself after track because I know I pushed myself.”

Being on the track team is an incredible way for students to learn self-discipline. It’s not just about running fast or jumping high, but about committing to a rigorous training schedule and pushing yourself to your limits. When students are a part of the team, they are required to show up to practice on time, follow the coach’s instructions, and put in the hard work even if they may not be feeling their best. This kind of discipline extends beyond the track and into other areas of their lives as it teaches them the value of perseverance, dedication, and consistency. Whether it’s waking up early for morning runs everyday or pushing through challenging workouts, being on the track team helps students develop mental and physical discipline that can benefit them in all aspects of life. Aylin Kuliecki’ 26, a long distance track runner, notes, “Track has a very strict schedule. Everyday after school including Saturdays you need to show up to practice which teaches students discipline.”

Overall, being on Leonia High Schools’ track team is an awesome way for students to learn discipline and teamwork. This kind of discipline extends beyond the track and into other areas of their lives. Being on the track team also means that students must work together with their teammates, support each other, and cheer each other on. Because of this,they learn how to communicate, cooperate, and rely on each other to achieve common goals. It’s an incredible experience that not only helps students become a better athlete but also prepares them for success in life.


Edited by: Katerina Romanides