Student Life

Holy GuacaMoley!

Mole Day, October 23rd, is a day long awaited for all science academy students. Missing zero period, freshmen through junior classes all bring their Mole Day festivities to the main hallway. Before seven o’clock you can find the freshman science academy students roaming the hallways setting up the celebration.

Once the clock strikes seven, the festivities begin. In the hallway you can find live music, temporary tattoo stations, and blown up balloons everywhere. Even the walls are decorated with colored in pictures of Mole Day puns. Those who are not in science academy are highly encouraged to get involved. Persuading them to get tattoos or just stand around and talk, there’s something for everyone to do.

While Mole Day may be a popular holiday at Leonia High School, some people still may not know what it is. Junior Arju Patel described mole day as, “Avogadro’s number, 6.022×10^23, a principle that you learn about in freshman chemistry class.” Arju said, “I love engaging in a scientific holiday honoring Avogadro.” A mole is a unit in  chemistry used for atoms, molecules, and ions discovered by a man named Amedeo Avogadro.

Gabi Capillad, science academy junior, said she prepared for Mole Day by, “Bringing in my lab coat and mole from freshmen year.” Although the most popular celebration is done by science academy, other science classes, like those taught by Mr. Tharian or Dr. Lee celebrate by having food and making poems for Mole Day for extra credit.