The Australian Open

The Australian Open Tennis 2018 was filled with excitement and upsets from tennis fans around the world. The spectacular Roger Federer made light in the tournament after an incredible win against Richard Gasquet making it a smooth sail into the fourth round of the tournament of the Australian Open. After the match, a surprise guest, Will Ferrel entered on the tennis court and asked Roger Federer some interesting questions that lighten up the stadium with laughter. “Tonight you seemed like a gazelle out there on the court. Would you describe your game as a silky gazelle?”, Roger responded saying “Maybe. Maybe not. A gazelle? Don’t they get eaten at the end?”. Well it is true, Roger played like a fast Gazelle, people wondering when he will ever retire. This defending champion was on the hunt for his 20th Grand Slam title at this year’s tournament at the age of 36.

In result, with absolute mind-blowing skills and tenacity from this 36-year-old beast, he made it to the final of the Australian Open and won his won his 20th Grand Slam last week after an incredible match against Marin Cilic– the score was 6-2 6-7 6-3 3-6 6-1 to Federer. A lot of emotion and tears came from both players as Celic congratulated Federer on his incredible success and Federer emotionally taking it in this amazing achievement.

As for the rest of the Big Four– Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray were knocked out before the semifinals of the tournament. Nadal, unfortunately, experienced an injury during the quarterfinals at the very end of the fifth set against Marin Cilic. Andy Murray decided to not attend the Australian Open this year, due to his recent hip injury, but he claims he will ready to come back for the upcoming US Open in August. As for Djokovic, he faced a tough young competitor from Korea during the Round of 16, Hyeon Chung. Djokovic every set concluding the score: 6-7, 5-7, 6-7. According to New York Times, after his amazing match against Djokovic, he said: “When I was young, I just tried to copy Novak because he was my idol”. The entire stadium may have high hopes on Djokovic winning the match, but what we saw during that match was like watching two Djokovic’s face each other which was spectacular for the fans.

This entire tournament saw an incredible moment in tennis history, seeing the great Roger Federer dominate the sport, and also watch an uprising tennis star that could be one day be part of the Big Four and win grand slams.