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Fall Weather in NJ

Fall weather in New Jersey has been erratic, with some days being in the 40s with rain and wind, and other days being sunny and in the 70s. The temperature has been getting increasingly cooler and rainy, while still having some days filled with sunny skies. These abnormally warm days and other differing weather patterns have been linked to global warming. Not only is the weather getting warmer, but sea levels are rising, ice sheets are shrinking, and the Arctic sea level is declining. Additionally, droughts, severe storms, and other weather-related issues are at an increase. 

Mr. Suro, the advisor of the Environmental Club, described the weather as “concerning; the temperature for the last few years during the summertime has increased, and that trend seems as if it will continue.” Mr. Suro then continues to talk about being more mindful of what we do daily so that the world isn’t impacted negatively, and says that it’s important for the community to gain awareness of the weather and the reasons behind it. Mr. Suco says, “… we can then take action to help remediate the concern, as best as we can. Every little bit helps”. 

Freshman Klaire Chien says, “The weather has affected my day-to-day life a lot. Sometimes I can’t walk to school because of the rain, and other days are really warm for fall.” 

“Students focus on school and friendships and give little attention to environmental issues,” says environmental club member Nadine Abdel-Razek ’27, “I don’t think the students care as much as they should [about these issues].” 

Indirect things that we do on a daily basis can affect global warming and climate change. Simple things like turning off lights, taking public transportation, and walking to places instead of driving can all positively help the environment. Additionally using more reusable items, less one-use plastics, and less hot water are all convenient and simple ways that can help.  

Senior Edra Nikshiqi says, “Any and all actions count, and if we take that mentality as a global community, we would hope, after time, we would start to see some changes.” 

If measures are not taken, and not taken fast, then the future of our world is in severe danger.