Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?


      Valentine’s day is a holiday that celebrates love. Contrary to popular belief, this day is not only for those in relationships, but for all of those who we love. Valentine’s day is not the only year we can express affection for each other, but it is yet another opportunity to let the people we love know how much we love and appreciate them. As Valentines day comes up this February 14, many people around the world have conflicting opinions. Whether you love it or you hate it, here are 3 reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated and 3 reasons why not. 



  1. Valentine’s Day has become very commercialized. As lovers across the world try to express affection towards each other, they usually turn to commercial gifts in order to do so. Every year companies mass produce millions of valentines cards, stickers, toys, etc. and end up making a big profit from the holiday. Valentine’s day, which was meant to be celebrated with love,  has become something that costs a lot of money and affection is now measured in how expensive the gift is. It is undoubtedly fueled by the billion-dollar capitalist market in every way. 
  2. Pressurized to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During the month of February, it is almost impossible to forget about the holiday. Not only is it celebrated in almost all countries, but Valentine’s day symbols are everywhere no matter how much you attempt to avoid it. Everything is decorated with pink and read hearts, banners, ribbons, love poems, etc. Even if you try to stay in and watch television, all popular shows and movies will be about Valentine’s Day. These larger-than life notions of love will set someone up with disappointment almost immediately. The real world is not as full of love as the advertisements and movies/shows would like you to believe. 
  3. Valentine’s Day causes single people to feel lonely. Most people will celebrate the holiday with their significant others and it is impossible not to pass by couples showing affection toward each other on February 14. This can oftentimes make people feel alienated and lonely. Seeing so many commercials and pieces of media of couples in love may bring people into a deep depression and cause them to feel very alone. 


Not Overrated: 

  1. Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to spend time with those you love. It is important to spend quality time together in order for a relationship or friendship to grow and to thrive. Rather than viewing the holiday as a day of gifts or just one of the 365 days a year you can express love to those you care about, it should be viewed as a special day that you spend with someone doing something that brings you happiness. There is no reason to do anything fancy or get gifts, you could simply plan some time to re-connect. 
  2. Valentine’s Day is for all, not just those in relationships. The main reason that people dislike the holiday is because they are single because they feel that they have no one to celebrate it with, and that is far from the case. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romance and show your love to one another, sure, but this does not mean that it is only for couples, as it can be celebrated with friends or family. You don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship in order to enjoy February 14. 
  3. Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to be expensive. Although the holiday has been very commercialized, that does not mean that you have to fall into a capitalistic system. Valentine’s Day does not have to be celebrated with expensive gifts or dates unless that is what you would like, it can be celebrated in any way one wishes. The yummy candy, decorations galore, and the massive amounts of love in the air should be a time to enjoy, it does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. 


       When you sit down and think about it, you may view Valentine’s Day as a materialistic and overrated holiday that shouldn’t be celebrated as much as it is or you may view it as a day of love and happiness for all. Whatever the case is, Leonia High School wishes everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!