Procrastination? I’ll talk about it tomorrow…

Procrastination is everywhere. we can see procrastination all around us, from school, to work, and even home. Procrastination is what stops us from getting stuff done and being productive. When it comes to school, procrastination is a matter of life or death when getting assignments done like essays, research papers, and procratinationhomework in general. Procrastination can even happen in school during class when you’re using the perks of Google to talk to a friend when you are supposed to be writing an outline for your next big essay.
When procrastinating for an assignment there are six stages. The first stage being denial, you get told you are procrastinating. The second stage is anger, you get angry at what is stopping you from doing your work. The third stage of procrastination is sadness you now feel sad that you wasted all this time being angry and procrastinating. The fourth stage is anxiety you have made no progress and the deadline is getting closer. The fifth stage is despair, you’ve stopped believing you can do this work and you have stopped doing everything. The sixth and final stage is resolving, you realize you can do it and rush to get it done the night before or even minutes before the work is due.
Procrastination is what stops us from doing what needs to get done, it is a disease. Procrastination can be the difference between an A and a D. Procrastination can even get as far as not doing the assignment at all, as you get so distracted and you forget about the assignment.