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2022 Fashion Trends

2022 was a year of new beginnings, after a mass global pandemic hit the world in 2020. As billions of people throughout the world were quarantined at home, individuals were exhausted and bored with nothing to do. 2022 was the first year of some normalcy, and living when things were reopened. Work was getting back to normal, and people were not living in pajamas all day. Fashion was a very prominent feature throughout the year, and has changed numerous times depending on the world’s current state.


Both relaxed and professional outfit styles have been in trend this year. This article will walk you through the top most popular trends of 2022, and hear from the opinions of Leonia High School students! 



Social media has greatly influenced what we are wearing during the four seasons, and parts of the year. Pants have been staple pieces of clothing in one’s closets, but the trends are constantly changing. The media has forced skinny jeans out of department stores, and has made everything baggy extremely popular. Celebrities are constantly wearing very baggy jeans and carpenter pants. This look, paired with smaller tops, are all over magazines. In addition, people have gone back in time to the infamous low rise pant. Some love it, or some hate it, however they have blown up this year. Miracle Scott, LHS student claims that “low rise pants are so much more comfortable than high rise jeans. I always hated when the button [on jeans] would dig into my stomach. I can breathe now with lower rise pants. I’m here for this trend…” Celebrities are major trend setters in the fashion industry, and a lot of what we wear everyday come from them. Cargo pants have been another pant trend this year, in both camo prints and simple plain colors. The industrial vibe they provide is appealing to a younger generation. However, the major trend within all pants is the bagginess people are drawn to. In Leonia specifically, flared yoga pants have made a huge come back from the early 2000s. They made boring straight black leggings much nicer and appealing. Pant trends from this year instantly blew up, as they are able to match with any outfit. Having neutral bottoms allows all individuals to be bolder in their shoes, tops, or accessories.



Shirts are always an amazing way to make your outfit unique and personal to you. This year, we saw very oversized sweaters and tops. Clothes were either very baggy or very tiny. The 90s baby t-shirts came back in style, and took over all clothing stores. Groovy patterns were printed onto shirts that were trending for shorter periods of time. During the fall and winter seasons, tik tok in specific, blew up “grandpa” style sweaters. These oversized sweaters were often paired with low rise jeans and the infamous flared yoga pants. As thrifting became more normalized and popularized in 2022, individuals found sweaters with dull patterns at the thrift store… probably made before they were born! Neutral color tones were also a huge success this year, as bright colors are hard to match and style. Miracle Scott noted that “Whenever I walk into stores, I feel like I am in the 90s. I wasn’t even born in the 90s but everything trendy stores do are from that major fashion era. Even in Leonia, I see everyone wearing clothes that my mom wore 25 years ago!”



Following the oversized trends of this year, companies have tried to make shoes match. They ultimately decided to make shoes chunky. Sneakers have been worn with all outfits, including dresses and skirts. This dress-down effect has made outfits more casual and comfortable. Instagram gave New Balance the new name “dad sneakers”. Surprisingly, they are more popular than ever. “ I personally wear sneakers with everything. Even when I went to a wedding this spring. I think a lot of companies have found a way to make sneakers more stylish and presentable with nicer outfits. Sneakers are the only way to go,” says Leonia High School Junior, Mia Zaharov. Leonia LHS students have been wearing UGG boots more than ever this winter season.  In particular, the UGG mini and slippers are comfortable and practical. Social media influence has made UGGs more desirable by truly everyone. In addition to boots and sneakers, the traditional loafer and ballet flats have risen in popularity. The dainty and girly look associated with loafers and ballet flats make them very appealing. Of course, celebrity influence is where this originated from however luxury designers have reinvented these traditional shoes. Brands like Chanel and Prada have made ballet flats and loafers much more minimal, allowing people to splurge on one item that will go with everything.  


When asked around at LHS, most students described the style of Leonia High School as         “comfortable”. Sitting and learning all day in comfortable clothes is much more appealing to students than wearing jeans. Although it is very common to see students wearing jeans or cargo pants, sweatpants tops them all. Sweatpants and sweatshirts were the #1 ‘trend’ of the year, and I am proud to say that it was my favorite trend. Some even found a way to elevate their sweatpants and sweatshirts with nicer shoes or jewelry. Watching fashion trends evolve throughout the year has been fun and exciting.  The MET  Gala for instance is always a pleasure to watch, and see how celebrities interpret themes. Fashion is the best way of expression, and can influence how millions of people are perceived. Trends of 2022 were different and creative. Everyone is awaiting 2023 to see how fashion icons continue to reinvent the industry, and ultimately influence us.