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Food Trends (2017)


            Black Ice Cream seemed to be what everyone was talking about in early 2017. The trend started when a new yorker restaurant owner decided to put it on their menu. The Ice Cream is made by adding activated charcoal, lemon juice, coconut shreds, and some sour cream to regular vanilla flavored ice cream and even though it looks extreme, it has been described to taste of actual vanilla with a hint of coconut. A rumor about Black Ice Cream has been spreading through the media. Supposedly, vanilla ice cream was originally black but the color was later changed because of racist motives. However, these rumors are 100% false, vanilla ice cream has always been white. The most popular place to find this exotic ice cream is Texas, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago.




A dessert made specifically in Thailand has gained popularity in the United States as well with the assistance of Instagram. Thai rolled ice cream is defined right in the name, it is made by pouring regular melted ice cream on a specially made cold surface and scraping it into a thin roll of ice cream usually into the size of a roll of quarters. It is later placed into a cup with the wanted toppings added on. Generally, it sold for around $7 a cup but it depends on the area it is sold. The feedback from the Asian desert is overall positive, with people saying things like; “Tried this myself, looks good” says @88_sparkle on twitter.



One of the most puzzling trends is purple dyed foods…no one knows why? This trend originated from Instagram, when an in an Instagrammer posted a photo of her purple dyed mac and cheese. Everyone seemed to take an interest in foods that are dyed purple, one Instagrammer even posted a picture of his purple dyed rice. After this became a trend people started to become aware of the harms of food dye, even though it is edible it can cause cancer, hyperactivity in children and allergies. So the culinary websites and decided to begin making natural purple dye.

One of the top and healthiest treats of 2017 was the Acai bowl, this bowl has several health benefits while tasting delicious as well. It originally from Brazil, the Acai bowl consists of a thick smoothie topped with oatmeal, fruits, and most common; coconut.  The name “Acai” comes from the berry that the original smoothie recipe is made with and with it comes various health benefits, such as; resisting harmful organisms, promoting skin health, helps with digestion, boosts your immune system. So there is no way to go wrong with this 2017 treat.

The Taiwanese drink, Bubble Tea also referred to as Black pearl tea, was created in the early 1980’s by a small Tea stand owner in Taichung, Liu Han-Chieh. Liu began experiment with flavors of drinks and along with tapioca balls. There are two types of boba teas, one being milk tea or fruit flavored. It is actually very easy to make; place the tapioca balls at the bottom of a cup, add hot water along with a tea bag to the cup, then once it cools down add some milk and ice.