Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Who Will Win?:

As tensions rise across the nation as the days get closer and closer to the election, the country has been split into two for possibly the biggest election history has ever seen. The result of this election will not only impact the next few years, but will impact how the country is run for many years ahead of that.

The candidates for this great election are Republican and current President, Donald Trump, with Mike Pence as his running-mate, up against Democrat Joe Biden, with running mate Kamala Harris. 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are fighting for the hold and end of Coronavirus, the increase of the minimum wage, and the upholding of Obama-care. Before this election, Biden had been working for 30+ for the state of Delaware, and was vice president for 8 years (2008-2016), working alongside President Obama. 

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are fighting for the end of immigration, improving the economy, and the hold of coronavirus. Before the last election, Trump wasn’t involved in politics, but rather business, working in New York City in various business ventures, but has been the United States since 2016.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden see and believe different opinions on how the country should be governed. Whoever actually wins will make America a completely different place.