Ferguson Overview

Ferguson1   On August 9, 2014, a young black man named Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The officer claimed that he suspected Brown was armed with weapons, but later investigators found that the man was not equipped with any kind of weaponry.

Controversy regarding the event erupted. While many witnesses stated that Brown had stopped running and immediately surrendered by turning around and putting his hands up, the police officer had a different recollection of the event and claimed that Brown and his friend attempted to break into the officer’s vehicle before the two men tried to escape the officer in different directions. However, many witnesses disagree with the police officer’s story and many people question why there was the need to shoot Micheal Brown. Despite circumstantial evidence suggesting that the officer may be guilty of crime, no legal action has been taken to arrest or prosecute him.

Protesters continue to gather against the injustice that they feel has been done to Micheal Brown and his family, and will continue to do so until they feel that Brown has been given the justice he rightfully deserves. Brown’s story has been trending in social media worldwide and has allowed the world to be continuously informed and updated about the incident. Many look to social media to encourage those involved in the legal process to carry out an accurate investigation of the the event.