Frozen: Review

The latest Disney animated film, Frozen, took the box office by storm when it premiered November 27th, 2013. Its huge success has kept the film in theaters for three months after its release, leaving audiences to wonder, What is this Frozen rage all about?

The movie tells the story of the two daughters of the king and queen of a kingdom called Arendelle. Eldest sister Elsa, the voice of the fabulous Idina Menzel, has the beautiful, yet inconvenient power to create ice with the simple touch of her hands. All her life she struggles to control her power and is isolated from her younger sister, Anna (voice of Kristen Bell), at a very young age. She is concerned that the kingdom will not understand her power and hides in her room her whole life. Misunderstood Elsa is prompted to become queen of Arendelle after her parents tragically pass. Elsa’s control phrase, “conceal, don’t feel,” has forced her to be a very reserved young woman, completely opposite from her younger sibling Anna.

The innocence of younger sister Anna is charming and comical. Her quirky attitude gets her, and her sister, in many sticky situations. The audience will experience several laughs and perhaps secondhand embarrassment while watching the very awkward Anna work her way through adolescence. She lives a very lonely life, isolated from the ones she loves, which explains why she would see no wrong in getting engaged to a man she just met, something that her sister Elsa, and nearly everyone else, strongly disagrees with. Anna’s hasty decisions get Elsa, and the kingdom of Arendelle, in a mess that only she can clean up. Judged by the kingdom when her power slips, Elsa runs away and accidentally casts severe winter in the kingdom of Arendelle. It is up to Anna and a few of her friends to find Elsa and restore order in the kingdom.

The quality of the film depends mainly on the hilarious talking snowman, Olaf (voice of Josh Gad), who the sisters built during their childhood. He helps Anna through her journey to untangle the vine that she is stuck in, while lightening the mood of the situation. A junior at LHS, Kirina Patel, states that her favorite parts of the film all starred this adorable snowman. “I loved every scene that Olaf was in. He was hilarious and turned every situation into a pleasant one; all of his jokes made me laugh until my stomach hurt.” Olaf is obsessed with the idea of summer; he sings about wanting to lay in the warm sand and tan his white snow. The innocence of this character melts the viewer’s hearts and makes them fall in love with his adorable remarks throughout the movie.

Hilarious and inspirational would be two words that accurately describe this movie. While the comical scenes throughout the movie lighten up the mood enough for Disney audiences, the message is still a powerful one. Anna and Elsa grow immensely throughout the film and teach young audiences right from wrong, while making them laugh and sing along to catchy songs.