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Colors: the Psychological Effect?

What color holds the power to appear more attractive? In this article, the colors and the psychology behind them will be revealed. Below are four popular colors and the emotions, mood, and science related to them.
Red- One of the four primary colors, red is an vibrant, fierce shade. You can find red on stop signs, traffic lights, the human body, and hearts. The majority of the people relate it to blood and love, but more specifically science states that it is related to energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, and desire.

Blue- As the color of the sky and ocean, blue is linked to nature and calmness. According to, individuals that favor the color blue are compassionate and caring. If you are feeling impulsive, research claims that gazing into a wide, blue scenery is a good way to calm yourself.
White- The universal color of peace, white is related to purity, god, and innocence. Students that choose the color white as their favorite color stated: “The color white makes me feel clean and pure,” (Julia Joung, a sophomore at LHS). As stated, it is found that white is highly creative, and it invites reflection, openness, and awakening. Many religious statues symbolizing greek gods and goddesses like apollo, zeus, and aphrodite were certainly crafted as the color white for the same meaning of purity as well.
Black- when one thinks of the color black, it connects to the unknown like black holes, mystery, and death. Like how people wear the color black to funerals, black is not associated with the most happy memories, however it can be seen as the color of elegance.

Now to answer the question, what color should you wear to appear more attracted: Red! Like stated before, the color red really stands one out of a crowd. stated, “We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder,”(Andrew Elliot). It is quite interesting that there is science and psychology related to colors and how it has the ability to alter your emotions as well.