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It’s That Time of Year Again

During this holiday season many of us like to look back on the year we’ve had and the mistakes we made and also the things we are proud we got to accomplish this year. Once December 31st hits the calendar, many people are excited for a new start and a new chapter in their life. People celebrate having parties, going out, or just staying in with your loved ones watching the ball drop. New Year’s Eve is always a fun time especially when you’re surrounded by people you love and enjoy your time with, but once January 1st comes that’s where the change begins.

It’s a new year and as some might say a new you! We all know that many of us like to make New Year’s resolutions, but we never actually stick with them for the whole year. If you were wondering, I have many New Year’s resolutions and one of my resolutions is to attempt to follow them for the whole year.

When January 1, 2021 comes I promised myself that I will stick to my resolutions even if there are days when I don’t want to stick with them or I think I can’t, I’m going to try to discipline myself to keep pushing through. As a senior in highschool it is no surprise that things will continue to get hard and challenging, but in 2021 I want to be able to overcome those challenges. I asked many of my classmates their resolutions and they responded with “I would say my new year’s resolution is to stay positive during hard times”, and someone else said “My new year’s resolution is to try new food and not stick to the same things I’ve been eating. One of my biggest resolutions is to not give up when things get hard, things like school, work, saving money and being on top of my financial status.”

We are all aware that 2020 was a very difficult year for all of us ,as families ,as individuals, as high school students, and as human beings, I think we should all go into 2021 trying to better ourselves, remove our bad habits, and try to keep growing as human beings.

Sometimes we can all get caught up in our own world and sometimes it’s really hard to get out of it, but after this year and being in quarantine and allowed all of us to look back on our life and rethink. With The new year coming up I hope this article inspired you to think about your New Year’s resolutions and also to think about how you can better yourself, your lifestyle, and your life in general.