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Artist Maiolino at MOCA



Anna Maria Maiolino, August 4–December 31, 2017 at MOCA Grand Avenue, courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, photo by Brian Forrest.

Anna Maria Maiolino, 75, is a Brazilian and Italian artist who says “everyone can be an artist” she stated in an interview with ARTnews at her Sao Paulo home and studio. She believes that everyone can be an artist but some people accept it and some do not.  Maiolino participated in many art exhibitions in Brazil which included some of her films, photography, drawings and sculptures in the 1960’s. “As an artist, you modify things,” she says. “Objects, materials. But art is working on you at the same time—you are transformed in the artistic process. As an individual, I have been seeking that transformation my whole life.” 

Maiolino tells ARTnews that everyone can be artistic and creative if they just try, she says that effort pays off at the end.



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