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Fenty Beauty Makes Way

In early September, Rihanna’s desired make up line, Fenty Beauty, was announced to the public, displaying different products. From glowy skin highlighters and shimmery glosses, to the softest matte primers and foundations; Rihanna has set the bar! By introducing a diverse range of shades of foundation, millions of fans to the makeup world and of Rihanna, have gone crazy over the debut in Sephora.

An ongoing dilemma within the makeup world is how well-known brands develop a select range of foundation colors, mostly paler tones.  Because Rihanna is a woman of color, she wanted to create a makeup line that everyone can use every day. Not only did she develop a foundation with a wonderful matte finish, she created other products that brought everyone’s skin to life. Her main focus was the base to which it all is painted on and its natural glow. By creating bold highlighters in several different shades, the products brought shine to the high points of the face, in addition to attracting attention to the contour of the cheekbones and foreheads through her matchsticks. To ensure flawless skin, a primer was needed as well to blur out all the imperfections.

As well as developing aspects for the face, Rihanna presented a sheer pink, shimmery gloss for everyone’s liking. Named “Gloss Bomb,” this lip gloss was intended to be a go to and the finishing touch to every look. Additionally, she created a setting powder and brushes to top off the debut of her new line!

For her first release, Rihanna revealed several new items that sold well on the market. Within the first day, almost everything off her website was purchased. There was no surprise that the darker tones of the foundation would become a huge hit, considering she is an advocate for people of color.

Diversity in the makeup world is a large problem today, most brands putting more effort into developing lighter tones because it is believed that those shades will sell more. Rihanna released 40 shades, all ranging in different colors and undertones. This created an excited public, boosting her sales dramatically. Including 40 shades is a lot, especially for a debut. Most companies come out with no more than 25 colors and develop from there. Rihanna is at a killer start and the reviews are nothing but positive!